About us

At Premiership Rugby, we work with numerous organisations and stakeholders in order to deliver our leagues, competitions and programmes.

Firstly, we work side-by-side with our stakeholder clubs. Premiership Rugby is responsible for, and responsible to, our clubs.

We also work closely with the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and the Rugby Players Association (RPA). The RFU and Premiership Rugby signed a partnership in 2016, the Professional Game Agreement, which enshrines certain regulations and provides a structure for relations through to 2024. The Professional Game Group meets regularly to discuss issues and work together towards the best, long-term interests of the game in England.

Vision and values

Premiership Rugby’s vision is to be the best and most competitive league in the world. We have five core values, which we encourage our clubs, stakeholders and partners to share with us:

- Competitive

- Progressive

- Respectful

- Inclusive

- Professionally excellent

Our Jobs

Fairness, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Premiership Rugby is delighted to partner with level=, a consciously inclusive talent acquisition solution, to ensure fairness within the recruitment process by creating a level playing field for all to candidates to be treated as equals.

The level= hiring process is robust, researched and reliable, meaning your job search will be supported in an inclusive and fair way. This uses a different approach than a traditional application method, such as standard CV screening, by removing bias from the decision-making process.

The process involves anonymisation, removing all personally identifiable information from an application in favour of work sample questions, which are a higher predictor of ability and test candidates on the skills needed to succeed in a role and are reflective of what the job actually entails.

It is important that candidates receive a fair and enjoyable experience throughout their application. All candidates are therefore provided with automated, personal feedback, highlighting performance against each of the skills tested and opportunities for personal development.

Premiership Rugby is totally committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. We actively welcome applications from across all diverse communities and encourage diversity of thought and lived experience. By partnering with level= we are using inclusive talent attraction methods to reach a wider audience and diverse networks, communities and groups to increase diversity and inclusion.